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Probabilistic Genotyping of Evidentiary DNA Typing Results - Module 1: The Elements of DNA Profile Interpretation and Probabilistic Genotyping

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4 hours

Based on the review of various forms of STR typing results and factors that impact the presence or condition of DNA on evidence, instructors in this installment of Probabilistic Genotyping of Evidentiary DNA Typing Results lay a foundation for the interpretation of forensic DNA typing results. The session will begin with background information on forensic DNA analysis, including terminology and mechanisms, to help all participants comprehend the material covered in this series. A retrospective view of approaches to interpretation and statistical analyses will be reviewed for the purpose of understanding the origin of strategies, methods, issues and solutions that comprise the history of forensic STR testing.

This event is a part of "Probabilistic Genotyping of Evidentiary DNA Typing Results – An Online Workshop Series."

Dr. Tamyra Moretti – Federal Bureau of Investigation, Quantico, Virginia
Dr. Peter Gill – University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Lynn Garcia – Texas Forensic Science Commission, Austin, Texas


Date Created: April 29, 2019