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Handling Difficult and Disturbing Forensic Cases for Coroners and Medical Examiners

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1 hour

There are over 2000 medical examiner and coroner offices throughout the United States. All are involved in determining the cause and manner of death and communicating this information to families of the deceased and public health and criminal justice agencies.  The size, structure, and organization of medical examiner and coroner offices vary widely across jurisdictions, from large offices staffed with Board-certified forensic pathologists to small offices run by part-time staff and elected coroners. This webinar is intended for all personnel who have responsibilities for any aspect of death investigation related to medical examiner and coroner offices.

Detailed Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify psychosocial challenges facing medical examiner and coroner personnel
  2. Gain knowledge about links between psychosocial challenges and work stress.
  3. Identify strategies for addressing psychosocial challenges and reducing work stress


Date Created: October 2, 2019