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Evaluate Population-Specific Sibship During Kinship Analysis

Part of the "DNA Kinship Testing Series"
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Kinship analysis of short tandem repeat (STR) profiles is often used in cases of parentage testing. Kinship analysis programs calculate the likelihood ratios of paternity, maternity, and sibship using allele frequency databases. The extent of variation between numerical precision within these programs is notable, given small variances in value may yield different conclusions and ramifications. These variances are especially impactful when determining a sibship between full and/or half siblings.

Population-specific allele frequency databases bring additional variation to statistical calculations of kinship. A population-specific allele frequency database is intended to account for the genetic similarities and differences found within the population. The application of such allele frequency databases becomes important for kinship analysis due to the genetic similarities of individuals within a biological family.

Date Created: March 1, 2018