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DNA Methylation-Based Age Prediction & Body Fluid ID

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2 hours

In this webinar you will discover how multiplex assays targeting CpG sites can be used to predict the age of an individual and determine the body fluid of origin of a sample.

The ability to estimate the age of the donor from recovered biological material at a crime scene can be valuable in forensic investigations by providing additional intelligence information to narrow down suspect pools. Age-associated DNA methylation patterns can be used for this purpose, to build accurate prediction tools in various forensically relevant body fluids, such as in blood, saliva and semen. In this webinar, you can learn how age-associated DNA methylation profiles can be formed and which genetic or environmental factors are expected to influence these profiles. You can also understand how suitable statistical and computational models can be built based only on a handful of CpG markers, that allow for the accurate age prediction of individuals of a wide age range. In addition, various epigenetic techniques will be discussed, including massively parallel sequencing, that can be applied to analyze age-associated DNA methylation profiles in forensic-type material. You will have the opportunity to learn how to analyze and interpret those profiles for future implementation in criminal casework.

Date Created: January 2, 2018