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Advancing Understanding, and Informing Prevention of Public Mass Shootings: Findings from NIJ Funded Studies, Part 1

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90 minutes

In recent years, NIJ invested in several research projects to advance understanding and inform prevention of public mass shootings.

This NIJ webinar is the first in a two part series summarizing the newest findings of one of the NIJ-funded research projects, titled “The Nature, Trends, Correlates, and Prevention of Mass Public Shootings in America, 1976-2018.” The panel of renowned experts will discuss the nature and contagion of mass public shootings and discuss what to anticipate in the future based on an innovative forecasting technique. The panel will also address what researchers have learned about the mass public shootings that have occurred and those that have been averted, as well as the effect of state gun laws on mass public shootings. A follow-up discussion will center around implications the findings have for the criminal justice system and on prevention.

Date Created: October 20, 2020