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International Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (I-ADAM)

Date Published
December 12, 2007

The International Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (I-ADAM) program was a research partnership among criminal justice organizations across the world. Using standardized drug testing methodologies and predictive models developed in the United States by the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring program (ADAM), and its predecessor the Drug Use Forecasting program (DUF), I-ADAM was one of the only international drug prevalence measures that articulated the consequences of drug abuse within and across national boundaries.

By identifying similar drug problems across national borders, I-ADAM provided a standard basis for nations to coordinate drug control policies and resources, resulting in improved bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Unlike previous general population household surveys found in some countries, which used different measures of drug use, I-ADAM's survey methodology was specifically designed for multinational comparisons.

I-ADAM had partners in eight countries: Australia, Chile, England, Malaysia, Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa, and Taiwan.

Reports from the I-ADAM program include:

Date Published: December 12, 2007