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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

NEPA: NIJ Grants Program Checklist and Instructions

NIJ Grants Program Checklists provide a method for ensuring that the projects NIJ is considering for funding do not have any unique characteristics that would create the potential for significant environmental impacts. The NIJ Grants Program Checklist summarizes the typical resource concerns that are often associated with projects submitted to NIJ for funding by applicants and subrecipients. Each resource area is listed separately, with the...

White Collar Crime

November 2009

The subprime mortgage industry collapse has led to a record number of foreclosures. In this environment, the interest mortgage fraud has risen, along with questions of how fraud contributed to the crisis. Henry Pontell and Sally Simpson discuss what they have learned about investigating and prosecuting white-collar criminals, the role of corporate ethics in America, and what policymakers and lawyers can learn from evidence of fraud.

Exemption Request Information

While an exemption request may not be the most expeditious way to meet the requirements of this rule, the regulation for Protection of Human Subjects, 28 CFR Part 46 §46.101(b)(1)-(6), defines categories of research involving human subjects that are exempt from its provisions. It is important to note that these exemptions do not apply to studies involving incarcerated persons, fetuses, pregnant women, or human in...