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Inclusive Research: Engaging People Closest to the Issue Makes for Better Science & Greater Impact; 2023 NIJ Research Conference Plenary

This panel will discuss what inclusive research is, how to conduct it, and what issues and challenges exist about engaging in it. “Inclusive research” has its history as a participatory research method designed to ensure people closest to the issue or problem under study are authentically engaged in the research process rather than simply being “research subjects.” While community-based participatory research has begun to take on greater prominence in the criminal justice realm, such efforts are largely confined to qualitative research inquiries. This panel makes the case that inclusive research can and should apply to a wider array of research questions and methods and that employing it can yield more accurate and policy-relevant evidence. Panelists will also engage in a “myth busting” discussion to address possible challenges to conducting inclusive research and how to overcome them.


Date Published: August 29, 2023