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Video of an attorney proffering an analyst as an expert witness

0:01 Where are you employed? Illinois State Police. 

0:05 And what is your title? Forensic scientist. 

0:08 What are your primary duties my primary duties  include receiving evidence and screening them  

0:14 or looking for biological stains such as  blood semen or saliva I then perform DNA  

0:19 analyses on these stains and if I'm if it is  requested I testify in court to my findings. 

0:27 How long have you been employed  as a forensic scientist with ISP? 

0:30 Five months. Can you please  

0:33 describe your educational background? Sure. I have a bachelor's degree in biology  

0:37 and secondary education from Northeastern  Illinois University and I have coursework  

0:42 relevant to this profession in genetics, cell  biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. 

0:48 Have you received any specialized  training related to this profession? 

0:52 Yes. I have I've taken part in a formal training  program at the National Forensic Science  

0:57 Technology Center in Florida and this consisted  of processing practice samples and mock cases,  

1:03 attending lectures, and reading  articles published in the field.  

1:06 My abilities were then assessed through  written, oral and practical exams. 

1:11 This court will accept this witness as an  expert in the area of forensic biology.

Date Published: August 13, 2020