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Advancing Understanding, and Informing Prevention of Public Mass Shootings: Findings from NIJ Funded Studies, Part 2

Basia E. Lopez, Social Science Research Analyst, National Institute of Justice ; Danielle Crimmins, Research Assistant, National Institute of Justice; Steven Chermak, Ph.D., Michigan State University; Joshua Freilich, Ph.D., John Jay College, CUNY; Jillian Turanovic, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Florida State University; Travis Pratt, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute; James Densley, Ph.D., Metropolitan State University, Minnesota; Jillian Peterson, Hamline University, Minnesota

In recent years, NIJ invested in several research projects to advance understanding and inform prevention of public mass shootings.

This second webinar in a two part webinar series on mass shootings will bring together a panel of renowned subject matter experts who will speak about characteristics of mass shootings over past decades, the psycho-social background of mass shooters, and the reasons behind school shootings. The group will draw upon the extensive datasets that its members have produced on mass public shootings under three separate NIJ funded research projects: 1) Understanding the Causes of School Violence Using Open Source Data, 2) A Comprehensive Assessment of Deadly Mass Shootings, 1980-2018, and 3) Mass Shooter Database: A multi-level, multi-method investigation of the psycho-social life histories of mass shooters. A follow-up discussion will center around implications the findings have for the criminal justice system and on prevention.

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Date Published: November 18, 2020