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Examining Police Officer Crime

Dr. Philip Stinson, Bowling Green State University
Dr. Philip Stinson, Bowling Green State University, discusses the findings of his research on crimes committed by police officers.

Based on the research findings, law enforcement officers appear to commit crimes at a much lower rate than the general public. However, in some cases, at times due to the stressors of the job and frequent exposure to trauma and violence, officers engage in misconduct or criminal behavior. The National Institute of Justice understands what’s at stake for public safety and officer wellness when we ignore warning signs of officers struggling with occupational hazards and other psychological hardships.

In this video, Dr. Stinson discusses what he learned about six different crimes (alcohol-related, drug-related, sex-related, violence-related, and profit-motivated crime).

Watch more of the interview with Dr. Stinson: Police Officer Crimes and Police Integrity."

Date Published: February 23, 2017