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Exhibit 1. The Victim Services Statistical Research Program.


This image is exhibit 1 from the NIJ Journal article "Building Knowledge About Victim Services."

Victim Perspective

National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)

Current Items -

  • Did you (or someone in your household) receive any help or advice from any office or agency — other than the police — that deals with victims of crime? 
  • Was that a government or private agency?

Testing New Items -

  • Informal help seeking 
  • Whether victims do or do not receive formal services 
  • Types of services received (e.g., hotline, legal services, or housing) 
  • How satisfied victims were with services received 
  • Why services were not received for those who sought but did not receive services 
  • Reasons for not seeking services when the victim wanted services 

Victim Services Provider Perspective

National Census of Victim Service Providers (NCVSP)

Brief Survey for All VSPs 

  • Type of VSP 
  • Services provided 
  • Funding of VSPs

National Survey of Victim Service Providers (NSVSP)

Detailed Survey for a Sample of VSPs 

  • Victims served and victim characteristics 
  • Services provided by VSPs 
  • Referrals to VSPs
  • Staffing at VSPs 

Items on Other BJS Surveys 

  • Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies (CSLLEA) 
  • National Survey of Prosecutors (NSP) 
  • National Survey of Tribal Court Systems (NSTCS) 
  • Census of Medical Examiners and Coroners (ME/C) Offices
  • Census of State and Federal Adult Correctional Facilities (CCF)