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Exhibit 2: The Core Elements of a Typical Threat Assessment Model, Team, and Process


This image is exhibit 2 in the NIJ publication Five Things About Protecting Against Mass Attacks.

Core Elements of a Typical Threat Assessment Plan

Always be ready to respond to imminent threat

Threat Assessment Model

Essential knowledge to execute a prevention plan

  • Indicators
  • Information collection plan
  • Migitation plan
  • Single point of contact for interagency team

Threat Assessment Team

Interagency team that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Local and federal law enforcement
  • Fusion centers
  • Schools
  • Mental health organizations
  • Social services
  • Community organizations

Threat Assessment Process

A guide to help threat assessment team implement prevention plan

  • Recurring schedule
  • Emergency
  • Status change or trigger event