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Exhibit 1: Forensic Intelligence Approach Used in Switzerland


From the article "Using Forensic Intelligence To Combat Serial and Organized Violent Crimes," October 21, 2020.

This image shows a model of data integration using an example of three states. Information from each state's police and forensic laboratory information management system databases is collated into a shared  intelligence database that is accessible to law enforcement analysts from the  contributing states. The intelligence database, accessible via a secured  server, allows analysts to link situational information (i.e., descriptive and  other information provided in a police incident report) and forensic information, including evidence that provides probative value to a singular case and  evidence collected for the purpose of potentially identifying connections  across cases.

Source: Modeled after figure 1, page 139, in Quentin Rossy et al., “Integrating Forensic Information in a Crime Intelligence Database,” Forensic Science International 230 (2013): 137-156.