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Human Trafficking Task Forces


The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has funded 41 task forces and service providers. They are: American Samoa; Anchorage, Alaska; Austin, Texas; Bexar County, Texas; Chicago; Clearwater, Florida; Collier County, Florida; Colorado; Connecticut; Dallas; District of Columbia; Eerie County, New York; Fort Worth, Texas; Harris County, Texas; Hawaii; Homestead, Florida; Independence, Missouri; Indianapolis; Las Vegas; Lee County, Florida; Los Angeles; Louisiana; Miami-Dade; Milwaukee; Multnomah County, Oregon; Nassau County, New York; New Jersey; New York City; Northern Marianas (Saipan); Oakland, California; Orange County, California; Phoenix; Pitt County, South Carolina; Salt Lake City; San Diego; San Francisco; San Jose, California; Seattle; St. Louis; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Suffolk County, New York. One service provider, Boston, specializes in mental-health and crisis-intervention services and offers training and technical support on trauma and mental health. Nashville, Tennessee, and Georgia are service providers without a DOJ-funded task force.