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Figure 1: Results from the L.A. Study's Large Case Sample


Of 1,948 cases from the L.A. study, DNA was found in 1,320 (68%) and not found in 628 (32%). "Foreign" DNA — DNA that did not match the victim's DNA — was found in 1,070 cases (81% of those in which DNA was found). Of these, 699 (65%) yielded profiles that were able to be uploaded into CODIS, and 347 of these (50%) resulted in hits.

These hits included 27 case-to-case hits (8% of the hits) and 320 offender hits (92%). Of the case-to-case hits, 7 (26%) linked to a case in which the suspect's identity was not known, and 20 (74%) linked to a case in which the suspect's identity was known. The offender hits included 90 hits (28%) that identified the suspect who had already been convicted or pled guilty and 230 (72%) that were "identified/unidentified offender hits," which identified someone who had been arrested for or convicted of another crime. Of these, 147 (64%) were known to the victim (identified offender hits) and 70 (30%) were unknown to the victim (unidentified offender hits). The relationship of the remaining 13 (6%) to the victim could not be determined.