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Hawaii HOPE — Impact on Workload of Stakeholder Groups


Five stakeholder groups were surveyed about the impact HOPE on their workload:

  • Probation officers: 0 percent responded "much more work," 31 percent "more work," 23 percent "no effect," 23 percent "less work" and 23 percent "much less work."
  • Judges: 43 percent responded "much more work," 43 percent "more work," 0 percent "no effect," 14 percent "less work" and 0 percent "much less work."
  • Prosecutors: 25 percent responded "much more work," 50 percent "more work," 25 percent "no effect," 0 percent "less work" and 0 percent "much less work."
  • Public defenders: 18 percent responded "much more work," 46 percent "more work, " 27 percent "no effect," 9 percent "less work" and 0 percent "much less work."
  • Court staff: 55 percent responded "much more work," 45 percent "more work, " 0 percent "no effect," 0 percent "less work" and 0 percent "much less work."

Note: Data are from the key stakeholder surveys. Sample sizes are: Prosecutors (n = 12), Public Defenders (n = 11), Judges (n = 7), Probation Officers in the Adult Client Services Division (n = 18), Probation Officers in the Integrated Community Sanctions Unit (n = 20), and Court Staff (n = 11).