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Figure 1. States That Have Enacted Arrestee DNA Collection Laws in the United States


From the article "Collecting DNA From Arrestees: Implementation Lessons," June 14, 2012.

Map charting which states have enabled arrestee DNA collection laws within the United States. 

  Collection Criteria States that require a judicial determination of probable cause, warrant, formal indictment or arraignment prior to collection or analysis States that require state-initiated expungement
Felonies States that have additional criteria for collection
All Subset
Alabama (AL) x        
Alaska (AK) x        
Arizona (AZ)   x      
Arkansas (AR)   x      
California (CA) x        
Colorado (CO) x     x  
Connecticut (CT)   x x    
Florida (FL) x     x  
Illinois (IL)   x   x  
Kansas (KS) x        
Louisiana (LA) x        
Maryland (MD)   x   x x
Michigan (MI)   x      
Minnesota (MN)   x   x  
Missouri (MO)   x     x
New Jersey (NJ)   x      
New Mexico (NM) x     x  
North Carolina (NC)   x   x x
North Dakota (ND) x        
Ohio (OH) x        
Oklahoma (OK)     x    
South Carolina (SC) x       x
South Dakota (SD) x        
Tennessee (TN)   x   x x
Texas (TX)   x      
Utah (UT)   x x x  
Vermont (VT) x     x x
Virginia (VA)   x   x x