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Domestic Violence Shelters: The Experience of the Survivor

Angela Moore, Acting Deputy Director for Research and Evaluation, National Institute of Justice; Marylouise Kelley, Director, Family Violence Prevention and Services Program, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Eleanor Lyon, P.h.D., Director of Institute for Violence Prevention and Reduction and Associate Professor in Residence, School of Social Work, University of Connecticut; Anne Menard, Director, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

Panelists will present findings from a comprehensive study of domestic violence shelters in eight states. Data were collected from 3,410 residents in 215 domestic violence shelters — 81 percent of the shelters. The first of its kind, this descriptive study seeks to fill a gap in current knowledge about the needs and experiences of domestic violence survivors who turn to shelters for help and the type of help they receive. Implications for policy and programming will also be addressed.

Date Published: June 1, 2009