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Alternative Sentencing Policies for Drug Offenders

Linda Truitt, Senior Social Science Analyst, Justice Systems Research Division, Office of Research and Evaluation, National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.; Roger Werholtz, Secretary of Corrections, Kansas Department of Corrections, Topeka, Kansas; Don Stemen, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, Ill.; Andres F. Rengifo, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis, Mo.

The panel presentations from the 2009 NIJ Conference are based on an NIJ-sponsored evaluation of the effectiveness of Kansas Senate Bill 123, which mandates community-based drug abuse treatment for drug possession by nonviolent offenders in lieu of prison. 

Date Published: June 1, 2009