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Transnational Organized Crime: Summary of a Workshop

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74 pages
This booklet contains a summary of a workshop on transnational organized crime.
The phenomenon of transnational crime has been affected by three related factors. First is the globalization of the economy, which brings U.S. citizens and corporations into increasing contact with foreign entities. Second is the rise in the numbers and heterogeneity of immigrants. Third, improved communications technology makes borders even more permeable, but by inconspicuous means. The June 17 and 18, 1998 workshop participants represented economics, sociology, psychology, law, foreign affairs, public policy, and other professions. It was designed with four specific goals: (1) to explore alternative ways of defining and conceptualizing transnational organized crime; (2) to assess the ability to measure transnational organized crime; (3) to identify possible enforcement and control responses to transnational crime problems; and (4) to examine the factors that facilitate the function, organization, and structural patterns of transnational crime so that prevention approaches can be designed in collaboration with legitimate enterprises and international partners. The booklet presents sections on Definitions and Descriptions, Measurement, and Enforcement, with conclusions at the end of each section. A fourth section, Research Agenda, suggests data sources, topics, and research methods to develop further information. Notes, references, appendix

Date Published: January 1, 1999