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Transition Plan for the Office of Justice Assistance, Research and Statistics - Final Report of OJARS Transition Task Force

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Date Published
January 1979
92 pages
This report provides a blueprint for carrying out the reorganization of the Federal crime control program called for in the Justice System Improvement Act of 1979.
The proposed organization for the new LEAA represents a significant consolidation of functions and a commitment to a more streamlined delivery of financial and technical assistance programs. It consists of three major offices. The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's structure remains unchanged. The Office of Criminal Justice Improvements consolidates the former Office of Criminal Justice Programs, Office of Criminal Justice Education and Training, the external training function of OOS, and the systems development activity of the National Criminal Justice Information and Statistics Service. The third major office, Community Anti-Crime Programs, will have a division for community programs and one for crime prevention. The National Institute of Justice is assigned broadened authority for an improved research and development program. Further, it has a Presidentially-appointed advisory board which, together with its expanded authority over grants and contracts, guarantees the integrity and continuity of the research effort. The Bureau of Justice Statistics is given new responsibility for activities related to Federal-level justice statistics management. Within the Office of Justice Assistance, Research, and Statistics OJARS, nine previous LEAA staff offices are consolidated into six. The current Public Information Office and the Office of Congressional Liaison are merged into a single Office of Public and Congressional Information; legislative review and development becomes the sole responsibility of the Office of General Counsel. In addition, the creation of a new Office of Financial and Administrative Services merges the functions currently performed by the Office of Operations Support (excluding external training), Office of the Comptroller (excluding the budget function and PSOB), and the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity. Further, the present Office of Planning and Management will become, with the addition of the budget function, the Office of Planning and Management Coordination. Additional changes include decentralization of the present Office of Audit and Investigation's program review function and the retention of the National Minority Advisory Council at the OJARS level. Tabular data, forms, and charts are included.

Date Published: January 1, 1979