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Traffic Safety Initiative Modernizes Resource Deployment in Lafourche Parish

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Geography & Public Safety Volume: 2 Issue: 3 Dated: June 2010 Pages: 7-9
Date Published
June 2010
3 pages

This article discusses the use of the DDACTS (Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety) program by the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office to more effectively deploy law enforcement resources.


The implementation of the DDACTS (Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety) program in Lafourche Parish, LA, showed positive effects on crime rates in the two areas of the Parish identified to have the highest crime and crash rates. The analysis found that self-initiated activities conducted by sheriff's deputies increased in both beats, beat E experienced an 11-percent decrease and beat F experienced a 13-percent decrease in crashes that did not result in injuries, both beats experienced an increase in crashes that resulted in injuries (beat E - 14 percent and beat F - 3 percent), and beat E saw a 24-percent increase in property crimes yet no increase in personal crimes, while beat F saw a 22-percent decrease in personal crimes it experienced a 30-percent increase in property crimes. The Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office (LPSO) began implementation of DDACTS in April 2009 following result of a study by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission indicated it was among the highest-ranking parishes for alcohol-impaired and fatal crashes in the State. This article examines the research design and methods used by the LPSO for creating and implementing DDACTS. Lessons learned from implementation of the program are also discussed. 4 notes

Date Published: June 1, 2010