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Test Results for Software Write Block Tools: RCMP HDL V0.4

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Date Published
August 2004
83 pages
This report presents findings from tests of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Hard-Disk Write Lock V0.4 (RCMP HDL) against the Software Write Block Tool Specification and Test Plan Version 3.0.
The Software Write Block Tool Specification and Test Plan Version 3.0 requires that a top-level software write block tool not allow a protected drive to be changed, not prevent obtaining any information from or about any drive, and not prevent any operations to a drive that is not protected. For all test cases run, the RCMP HDL blocked the commands that were listed in the documentation as commands that would be blocked; however, it did not block some commands that could change the contents or accessibility of a protected drive. The commands not blocked were the Extended Write (0x43), Initialize Drive Parameters (0x09), PS/2 ESDI Diagnostic (0x0E), PC/XT Controller Ram Diagnostic (0x12), and Controller Internal Diagnostic (0x14) commands. Also, the tool did not block any commands in the miscellaneous category. For all test cases run, the tool always allowed commands to obtain information from any protected drives; and the tool always allowed any command to access any unprotected drives for all test cases run. Extensive data tables

Date Published: August 1, 2004