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Test Results for Digital Data Acquisition Tool: FTK Imager CLI 2.9.0_Debian

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Date Published
May 2013
128 pages
As part of the Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) program, this report presents results from testing FTK Imager CLI 2.9.0_Debian against the Digital Data Acquisition Tool Assertions and Test Plan Version 1.0, which is available at the CFTT Web site.
AccessData's FTK Images CLI v2.9 Debian is designed to image and restore hard drives and other secondary storage. It uses the Debian command line interface to image, clone, and restore acquired data. The testing found that except for the case where a drive with faulty sectors was imaged (test case DA-09), the tool acquired all sectors of the test media completely and accurately. In test cases DA-04 and DA-17, which measure how a tool behaves when the destination media has insufficient space for a clone or restore task, the tool failed to display a message indicating that the destination drive had insufficient space. The testing used for disk imaging tools is described in Digital Data Acquisition Tool Assertions and Test Plan Version 1.0. In order to test a tool, test cases are selected from the Test Plan document based on the tool's features. Not all test cases or test assertions are appropriate for all tools. There is a core set of base cases that are executed for every tool tested. Tool features guide the selection of additional test cases. One section of the current test report provides justification for the selection of test cases from the set of possible cases. Another section of the report describes in more depth any anomalies summarized in a previous section of the report. The report lists hardware and software used to run the test cases. The report's concluding section describes each test case run, along with the expected result and the actual result. Extensive tables

Date Published: May 1, 2013