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Test Results for Digital Data Acquisition Tool: DCCIdd (Version 2.0, June 1 2007)

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Date Published
January 2008
127 pages

This report presents the testing results for the DCCIdd, version 2.0 digital data acquisition tool.


Except for two test cases, the DCCIdd, version 2.0 acquired all visible and hidden sectors completely and accurately from the test media. There were two exceptions, however. First, up to seven sectors contiguous to a faulty sector may be replaced by zeros in the acquisition. Second, the sectors hidden by a Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) were not acquired. Eight test computers were used. The configuration of each of these computers is provided. The package of software programs used to support test analysis was FS-TST Release 2.0. The format of data and information for each of 55 tests consists of a case summary (purpose of the test); assertions (performance standards to be met); tester name; computer used; test date; drives; source setup; log highlights; testing results; and test analysis.

Date Published: January 1, 2008