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Technology: Alaska to the Appalachians

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Date Published
January 2002
4 pages
This report discusses the unique transportation, communication, and training challenges facing two National Institute of Justice, National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Centers, one in a geographically isolated area of Alaska, and the other in a deeply rural area of Kentucky.
As one of two of the newest National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Centers (NLECTC), the Northwest Center in Anchorage, AK, is tackling the challenges of vehicle transport and the use of equipment in extreme temperatures. The center is currently studying the effects of extreme weather conditions on both law enforcement and corrections equipment technology and operations found in Alaska, as well as other similar areas. The Rural Law Enforcement Technology Center (RULETC) in Hazard, KY, faces challenges in providing technology and technical support to a historically underserved population. Both NLECTC-Northwest and RULETC will enhance capacity building for isolated and rural agencies, provide crime mapping capabilities and long-distance learning opportunities, enhance the interoperability of communications systems, and share best practices and lessons learned. This report discusses the technological challenges faced by NLECTC-Northwest in the areas of transportation, communication, and training and the technological challenges faced by RULETC in the areas of communication and training.

Date Published: January 1, 2002