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TECHBeat, October 2016

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Techbeat Dated: October 2016 Pages: 1-20
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October 2016
20 pages

Feature articles in this issue describe a follow-up inspection and testing program for body armor in production after a prototype has been tested and approved, a new National Institute of Justice (NIJ) app that helps houses of worship plan for safety, and the use of a registered NIJ mark that indicates compliance with NIJ performance standards.


"Follow-Up Inspection and Testing Program Helps Stop Potential Armor Issues" describes the features and benefits of the follow-up Inspection and Testing (FIT) program administered by the Compliance Testing Program CTP) for NIJ. In the past 6 years, the FIT program has pulled 748 models of ballistic-resistant body armor from production lines and tested them. This resulted in 73 models (9.76 percent) being cited for variations from the approved prototype, followed by corrective resolution. Thirteen models were removed from the NIJ Compliant Products List (CPL) due to the FIT inspections. The FIT program aims to ensure that armor models that comply with minimum standards in pre-production testing maintain these standards in the course of being manufactured. "New NIJ App Helps Houses of Worship Plan for Safety" responds to the increasing number of various types of attacks and security threats on buildings and worshippers while in those buildings. In order to help religious leaders increase security against these threats, NIJ has released Safeguarding Houses of Worship, an app that helps a house of worship assess risk factors and start a draft plan that can be expanded and customized to meet the needs of particular buildings and religious groups. Registered National Institute of Justice Mark Indicates Compliance With Program Standards" explains how NIJ has made it easier to check whether equipment used by criminal justice personnel meets NIJ minimum standards based on testing under the NIJ Compliance Testing Program.

Date Published: October 1, 2016