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Standoff Through-the-Wall Imaging Sensor

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January 2011
29 pages
This report describes the development and features of an ultra-wide band radar system that produces an imaging sensor capable of both mapping the internal structure of a building and also locating personnel moving or stationary inside the structure.
The small, portable imaging prototype system weighing 17 lbs. is capable of being quickly deployed. It can be operated remotely through either a wired or wireless Ethernet link under battery power for 2 hours. Control and display functions are performed by an off-the-shelf laptop computer. Tests of the system have established that it is capable of imaging the interior of a building and detecting motion through multiple internal walls and reinforced concrete exterior walls from a range of 30 meters. The development of this "through-the-wall" imaging sensor consisted of two phases. In phase 1 a significant benefit in radar H/W and S/W design was achieved by leveraging prior and current efforts of the grantee. A baseline radar imaging system was designed, and its performance was assessed during laboratory testing. One critical area identified in phase 1 was the potential program risk of FCC certification. Phase 2 leveraged phase 1 results in system design, performance, cost reductions, FCC certification, and law enforcement practitioner evaluation. Technology results included multiple sensor performance; system and radar cost-reduction analysis; and exploration of alternative FCC certification options. Upon completing phase 2, an imaging sensor had been developed that meets operational needs for law enforcement tasks. 18 figures and 5 tables

Date Published: January 1, 2011