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Standards Relating to Interim Status: The Release, Control, and Detention of Accused Juvenile Offenders Between Arrest and Disposition

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Date Published
January 1990
139 pages
Standards and commentary in this volume cover a range of problems associated with laws affecting children and examine the juvenile justice system and its relationship to juvenile rights and responsibilities.
The standards are intended to serve as guidelines for action by legislators, judges, administrators, public and private agencies, local civic groups, and others concerned with the treatment of young people at local, State, and Federal levels. The standards focus on the release, control, and detention of accused juvenile offenders between arrest and disposition. Accompanied by commentary, the standards specifically address basic principles of juvenile control and detention. Standards are presented for police officers, juvenile facility intake officials, juvenile courts, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and juvenile detention facilities. General procedural and administrative standards are also included. Appendixes contain a detention administration order issued by a juvenile court and suggested juvenile detention criteria. References and footnotes

Date Published: January 1, 1990