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Selective Incapacitation and Career Criminals

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Date Published
January 1987
20 pages
These eight papers consist of summaries of research studies, together with commentaries by prosecuting attorneys and the executive vice president of the American Prosecutors Research Institute, designed to provide an overview of issues related to career criminals, models for predicting criminality, and selective incapacitation.
Individual studies present a typology of incarcerated adult males in three States an evaluation of four career criminal programs, a discussion of a seven-variable model to identify and confine the offenders who present the greatest risk to society, and a reanalysis of the seven-variable model. Further papers present and analyze a quantitative predictive model for predicting recidivism, describe the management and operation of career criminal programs, present the results of discussions of the Panel on Research on Criminal Careers convened by NIJ, and discuss data on juvenile-to-adult criminal careers. 10 references and list of 9 related studies.

Date Published: January 1, 1987