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Report on the Sixth International Law Enforcement Forum: Minimal Force Options and Less-Lethal Technologies

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August 2008
109 pages
This report is a summary of the discussions and the associated conclusions derived from the sessions of the Sixth International Law Enforcement Forum on Minimal Force Options and Less-Lethal Technologies held in Florida in May 2008 addressing issues related to best practices in active shooter response, critical incidents, acoustic devices, conducted energy devices, pursuit management, and command/control related to counterterrorism operations.
The Sixth International Law Enforcement Forum on Minimal Force Options was co-hosted by the National Institute of Justice and the Orange County Sheriff's Office in Orlando, FL in May 2008. Delegates representing the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and Israel examined the integration of less-lethal technologies and use of force in countering terrorism. This report is a summary of the Forum discussions, the associated conclusions, and recommendations for future work derived from Forum sessions. Eight distinct workshop sessions were held: (1) Active Shooter - Schools and Institutions; (2) Technology Gaps for Critical Incidents; (3) Acoustic Devices, Applications, and Requirements; (4) Conducted Energy Device (CED) Employment and Techniques; (5) Pursuit Management and Vehicle Stopping; (6) Community Impact and Public Order Considerations in Counterterrorism Operations; (7) Critical Incident Command and Control Issues; and (8) Urban Crowd Control Concepts. Highlights of 16 major recommendations include: (1) Less-Lethal Tools in Active Shooter Situations; (2) Active Shooter Response Training; (3) Weapon Recognition System; (4) Community Engagement; (5) Long-Term CED Effects Study; (6) Pursuit Policy Guidelines; (7) Cooperative Technologies; (8) Video (CCTV) Mapping; and (9) Incident Command Standard Operation Procedures. Less-lethal technologies continue to provide officers with the capability of a variety of force options which reduce the need to resort to lethal force. Appendixes A-D

Date Published: August 1, 2008