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Rechargeable Batteries for Personal/Portable Transceivers, NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Standard-0211.01

NCJ Number
Date Published
September 1995
14 pages
The purpose of this document is to establish performance requirements and test methods for rechargeable (secondary) batteries used in personal/portable transceivers by law enforcement agencies; the scope of this standard is limited to nickel-cadmium secondary batteries.
The rechargeable batteries covered by this standard are classified into two types: type I, capacity rating (rechargeable batteries for which the manufacturer specifies only the nominal capacity, usually in milliampere-hours; and type II, service life rating (rechargeable batteries for which the manufacturer specifies the nominal service life when used with a specific transceiver at a specified duty cycle). A statement of requirements focuses on battery-transceiver compatibility, labeling, sampling for test, service life (available capacity), and internal connection. A major section of the report describes test methods. It specifies standard test conditions, test equipment, service life test (available capacity), and internal connection test. Topics addressed in discussing standard test conditions are standard atmospheric conditions, standard charge, and standard test cycle. Regarding test equipment, the issues considered are constant current supply, electrical indicating instruments, and environmental chamber. 4 references and a 5-item bibliography

Date Published: September 1, 1995