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PowerPlex® 16 HS Amplification Kit - Technology Evaluation

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Date Published
August 2009
9 pages
The performance of Promega’s PowerPlex® 16 HS DNA amplification kit was evaluated on the criteria of sensitivity, peak ratios at heterozygous loci, baseline noise, stutter ratio, and amplification artifacts, based on the analysis of single-source human DNA samples and a mixture series.
The performance of Promega’s PowerPlex® 16 HS system (28 cycles) was compared to 8 commercially available STR kits that were previously evaluated by the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC). The evaluation determined that the PowerPlex® 16 HS (32 cycles) yielded the highest RFU values of all the amplification kits assessed. PowerPlex® 16 HS outperformed MiniFilerTM and Identifiler® amplification kits for the challenged samples. Regarding the peak heights at each concentration, heterozygousity loss at the concentration of 0.25 ng, and alleles below 75 RFUs at 0.125 ngs, the PowerPlex® 16 HS and the Identifiler® performed similarly. On the negative side, PowerPlex® 16 HS displayed a higher baseline noise than all other amplification kits. The limitations on performance varied per kit based on the proprietary chemistry of the kits. Training requirements for the use of the kits are indicated. Regarding health and safety issues in the use of the kits, normal laboratory health and safety practices are required. 2 tables and 3 figures

Date Published: August 1, 2009