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Police Vehicle Evaluation Model Year 2012

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Date Published
December 2011
126 pages
This report from the Michigan State Police contains an evaluation of 2012 model year police vehicles.

This report presents the results of the Michigan State Police testing of 2012 model year police vehicles. The tests were conducted on 19 vehicles and 6 motorcycles: 4 Chevrolet Caprices; 2 Chevrolet Impalas; 2 Chevrolet Tahoes; 5 Dodge Chargers; 6 Ford Police Interceptors; 2 Harley Davidsons; and 1 each of BMW, Kawasaki, and Victory Vision. The report contains photographs and detailed descriptions of each vehicle tested. The objective of the testing is to determine each vehicle's ability to successfully respond to emergencies or high-speed pursuits. The course used in the testing simulates actual conditions encountered by police in pursuit or emergency driving situations in the field. The report presents the results of the following tests conducted on the vehicles: acceleration and top speed; brake test; ergonomics and communications abilities; and fuel economy. A performance comparison of the 2011-2012 test vehicles is also included in the report. The section on police motorcycles contains photographs and descriptions of the vehicles. The tests conducted on the motorcycles were acceleration and top speed tests and brake testing. Tables, figures, and photographs

Date Published: December 1, 2011