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Police Family Life Education Project (FLEP) Implementation, September 11, 1999, October 2, 1999, April 29, 2000 and June 24, 2000 and Follow-Up Surveys of Families Who Attended Each of the Classes -- Final Report

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This is the final report on implementation of the Police Family Life Education Project and follow-up surveys of families who attended each of the classes.
The major purpose of the Police Family Life Education Project (FLEP) is "to develop and deliver a program that will provide police recruits and their immediate family members with stress management education that focuses on the role and responsibilities of the law enforcement profession and [their impact] on the family unit, as well as family stressors that may interfere with an officer's safety and satisfactory job performance." Project goals include developing a curriculum, implementing the curriculum in an orientation program for families of four classes of police recruits, and evaluating the impact of the program and the FLEP project on families and recruits. Even up to a year later, both police officers and their families viewed the program very positively. Most thought the program should be continued on a regular basis for all recruit classes. The family surveys disclosed increased comfort for families of recruits after experiencing the program, a greater understanding of stress and where to go for help, and an increased feeling of being part of a police family. Tables

Date Published: January 1, 2001