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Performance Criteria Under a Problem Oriented Policing Model: A Report Prepared for the Ada County Sheriffs Office

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60 pages
This report presents the achievements of an Ada County (Idaho) project designed to develop performance criteria for a problem-oriented policing (POP) model, considers philosophical issues and problems related to POP implementation, and addresses POP performance criteria for all agency ranks.
The first part of the report reviews the current efforts of the Ada County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) to shift its service delivery style to a POP model based on the concept of "beat integrity." Under this concept, deputies develop a sense of personal responsibility for particular beats. Under a reorganization scheme, teams will be responsible for the delivery of patrol services. An officer on each team is assigned to each area, with only a few officers assigned to selected traffic enforcement patrol. This is intended to provide deputies on patrol with responsibility for a particular beat, and to reinforce deputies' commitments to and concerns with the problems, people, and issues in their areas of the county. The ACSO is adopting what is widely known as the SARA model of problem-solving. This involves the tasks of "scanning," "analysis," "response," and "assessment." The third section of this report discusses the role of performance evaluation in a POP context. Particular issues pertinent to the evaluation of problem-oriented policing are addressed; and the contributions of each rank to problem-oriented policing are developed, with consideration given to how that rank can also contribute to performance evaluation. The report's fourth section examines performance evaluation measurement processes and products. Three processes and two products are presented for deputies. Team and sergeant performance evaluation are also considered. Recommendations are presented throughout the report. 9 figures, a 27-item bibliography, and appended performance and evaluation documents

Date Published: January 1, 1998