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Performance Characterization Study: Noise Flash Diversionary Devices (NFDDs), Final Report

NCJ Number
Date Published
December 2003
72 pages
This report presents results from the testing of eight different less-than-lethal Noise Flash Diversionary Devices (NFDD).
NFDD’s are designed to produce counter-personnel effects that are described as “neutralizing” or “disorienting” to individuals but produce little or no collateral damage or injury. Two mechanisms were used to produce the counter-personnel effects: noise and flash. Three separate series of testing was conducted by E-LABS on eight NFDD’s from six different manufacturers for the purpose of providing consistent and controlled functional measurements for the selected performance elements of NFDD’s. The first series of testing characterized each NFDD’s primary diversionary performance (noise and flash) and safety related functions. The second series of testing evaluated residual fragmentation using paper and foamboard witness panels. Overall, testing in series I and II included measurements of illuminance and radiant flux, blast overpressure and sound, fragmentations, and functional delay and burn duration of each NFDD. The third series of testing was a subjective analysis of the collateral fire-start capability and propulsive movement effects of the NFDD’s when they are used in close proximity to common residential materials, such as sofa cushions, carpeting, and clothing. Results are presented in table format in summary form and full details of each test for each of the eight NFDD’s are presented in table format in the appendix. The author notes that no endorsement of any of the devices tested is implied or explicit. Tables, figures, appendix

Date Published: December 1, 2003