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Ohio RSAT Process Evaluation, Summary Report

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152 pages
This report presents the methodology and findings of process evaluations of three residential substance abuse treatment programs (RSAT) in Ohio.
The programs evaluated were the MonDay Correctional Institution, a locally operated community-based correctional facility for adult males and females; the Mohican Youth Center, a State-operated, institutional-based therapeutic community for juvenile males; and Noble Choices, a State-operated program for adult males within Noble Correctional Institution. The evaluations were conducted from January 1998 to April 30, 1999. The evaluations determined the characteristics of offenders being served, the nature of the services being delivered, the intermediate outcomes of the program, how offenders were performing under post-release supervision, and the factors associated with post-release success. The study period extended from the date of first admission (January 1, 1998) through April 30, 1999. Additionally, follow-up data were collected on terminated cases from their date of release until August 30, 1999. Among the findings of the evaluations were that the RSAT populations were apparently appropriate for the intensive treatment provided by all three program models. The RSAT populations at all three program sites consisted of offenders with significant criminal histories, severe drug and alcohol problems, and a broad range of other treatment needs. The findings of the process evaluation were limited by the small number of cases, the extent of missing data on some variables, the lack of a comparison group, and small number of cases for which termination and follow-up data are available. The conclusions were primarily descriptive and were not intended to speak to the effectiveness of the program. Extensive tabular and graphic data, appended study instruments, and 48 references

Date Published: January 1, 2001