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Northeast Gang Information System: Description of the System and Lessons Learned

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Date Published
October 1999
15 pages
This report desribes the reasons for establishing the Northeast Gang Information System (NEGIS), details how NEGIS works and presents lessons learned from the experience.
The goal of NEGIS is to provide State and local police officials comprehensive, high-quality information on gangs, gang members and their movements and alleged criminal offenses. The NEGIS component databases are as follows: Electronic Messaging, including secure e-mail and a file attachment feature that allows participants to send and receive pictures (mugshots, photos of tattoos or graffiti, etc.) and documents; Law Enforcement Directory; Reference Library; Leads Database; and Criminal Intelligence Database. No matter where data are entered, they flow quickly throughout the entire system. Key lessons learned in the implementation of NEGIS include: (1) Top-level commitment is essential; (2) Intelligence is a critical, central feature; (3) Consensus is the best basis for decision making; (4) Key investigative staff must remain available for system maintenance; (5) Tradeoffs between system costs and security should be analyzed early in the implementation process; (6) Compliance with 28 Code of Federal Regulations requires special attention; (7) Converting records and files consumes much time; and (8) Careful vendor selection pays off. Table, figure, appendix

Date Published: October 1, 1999