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NIJ Journal Issue No. 254

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Date Published
July 2006
37 pages
Publication Series
This journal issue displays the National Institute of Justice’s scope in research, development and evaluation activities in the field of criminal justice and features articles in the areas of body armor, school security and biometric technology, suicide terrorism, drug abuse, digital evidence, and rape prevalence.
In this issue of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Journal, several articles are featured with the first describing NIJ’s body armor program and summarizing a review of the program currently underway as part of the Attorney General’s Body Armor Safety Initiative. Also, recent advances in biometric technology are explored, specifically a NIJ sponsored program evaluating iris recognition technology in a New Jersey elementary school. NIJ currently sponsors the Electronic Crimes Partnership Initiative (ECPI) in which law enforcement officers are trained to search and collect digital evidence in criminal investigations. This initiative is reviewed in its attempt to enhance law enforcement’s ability to solve computer crimes. NIJ hosted a Suicide Terrorism Research Conference in 2004 which offered a rich exchange of ideas to serve in broadening the scope of future research. A summary of the conference is presented. With the growing problem of methamphetamine abuse, this featured article presents findings from a NIJ funded study to assist State and local law enforcement and public safety officials better understand the problem and strategies to address methamphetamine abuse. Lastly, results from a study that examined rape reporting; specifically changes in the types of incidents occurring or being reported are summarized. The articles featured in this issue of the NIJ Journal describe the wide ranging scope of NIJ’s research, development, and evaluation efforts for the improvement of the criminal justice system.

Date Published: July 1, 2006