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National Institute of Justice Program Plan - Fiscal Year 1982

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Date Published
January 1982
36 pages
This report summarizes the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ's) fiscal year 1982 proposed research and program activities, which are listed under the responsible office and division.
The Office of Research Programs has proposed projects for 1982 that focus on improved police policies for maintaining public order, detecting and apprehending persons unlawfully carrying guns, alternatives to the exclusionary rule, use of sentence enhancement laws, and forensic evidence in court. Other projects will center on improved handling of long-term offenders, controlling offenders in the community, violence and the media, and research on career criminals. The Office of Research and Evaluation Methods gives priority to research programs on crime control theory and performance measurement. Proposed projects for 1982 will explore topics with these general themes: defining performance, understanding agency technologies, developing causal links, and offender taxonomy and prediction techniques. The Office of Program Evaluation proposes evaluation for 1982 of these topics: evaluation of early appointment of defense counsel field test, reintegrating the serious offender, selective prosecution of violent offenders, and comparative assessment of victim assistance projects. The Office of Development, Testing, and Dissemination plans to support work in 1982 on program models drawn from such subjects as police fiscal decisionmaking, investigative information systems for police, victim compensation, restitution programs, cost analysis in the courts, and policy and design considerations in constructing correctional facilities. Field test programs to be designed in 1982 include police citation in lieu of arrest and reintegrating the serious offender. The Training and Testing Division plans field tests on early representation by defense counsel and reintegrating the serious offender. Finally, the Reference and Dissemination Division plans to continue operation of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service and the technology assessment program.

Date Published: January 1, 1982