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National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence Proceedings Meeting 10: Grand Hyatt Hotel Washington, DC, July 9 - 10, 2000

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July 2000
139 pages

This report on the 10th meeting of the National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence contains the meeting's agenda, presentations, working group content, and members' discussion of the final report to the Attorney General.


Remarks by the Commission chairperson are followed with an update on Commission business and an overview of the meeting's agenda. Among the agenda's activities is a discussion of post-conviction issues in the use of DNA evidence, including Woody Clarke's program in San Diego. Near the end of the first day, the victim's advocacy pamphlet was reviewed. The meeting's second day included a session on behavioral genetics and its current and future uses in forensics. This was followed by a final report review and approval of the Research and Development Working Group Report. A report by the Laboratory Funding Working Group focused on its paper entitled "Criminal Histories of Sex Offenders Identified Through DNA Cold Hits." At the working lunch, a representative from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government's Center for Business and Government speaks about its planned conference on DNA-related issues. Next, a presentation and discussion focused on some of the ways that race and criminal justice or racial profiling might impact the future of DNA evidence. The Commission's final report to the Attorney General focuses on the chapter which addresses the identification of those issues that require further review and those issues not addressed by the Commission. The transcript of all the discussions cites the name of the person making the comment.

Date Published: July 1, 2000