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Motion Induced Phase Error Reduction Using a Filbert Transform

NCJ Number
Optics Express Volume: 26 Issue: 26 Dated: 2018 Pages: 34224-34235
Date Published
12 pages
Since object motion can introduce phase error and thus measurement error for phase-shifting profilometry, this article reports on a project that proposes a generic motion error compensation method, based on the authors' finding that the dominant motion-introduced phase error doubles the frequency of the projected fringe frequency, and the Hilbert transform shifts the phase of a fringe pattern by n/2.

A Hilbert transform was applied to phase-shifted fringe patterns to generate another set of fringe patterns, calculating one phase map using the original fringe patterns and another phase map using Hilbert transformed fringe patterns. The average of these two phase maps was then used for three-dimensional reconstruction. Both simulation and experiments demonstrated that the proposed method can substantially reduce motion-introduced measurement error. (publisher abstract modified)

Date Published: January 1, 2018