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Millivision Millimeter Wave Imagers

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Date Published
April 1997
15 pages
This report summarizes development efforts focused on the use of passive millimeter wave imaging to detect weapons and other contraband concealed under people's clothing.
The technology uses focal plane array imagers to overcome limitations of many commercial and military applications of millimeter wave images. Several systems are currently being developed to address the market need for systems for security, law enforcement, and the Department of Defense. The Millimetrix Millivision imagers make extensive use of Gaussian optics. The primary optic is a lens. The images also make extensive use of various types of Gaussian optics filters, wave plates, and other passive elements in the design of these imaging systems. Perhaps the most innovative and unique aspect of the optics design is the use of a new class of active optics employing arrays of MMIC chips to perform certain signal-processing functions of the free-space electromagnetic wave. The project also included the development of basic image-processing algorithms such as a flat-field algorithm. In addition, the project developed a prototype of a future video surveillance camera that uses passive millimeter wave imaging and provides a real-time, 30-frame-per-sedond video image of the field of view under surveillance. Photographs, figures, and copy of project report summary

Date Published: April 1, 1997