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Michigan State Police Tests 2001 Patrol Vehicles

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Date Published
February 2001
103 pages
This report describes the methodologies and presents the data from the Michigan State Police Vehicle Test Team's testing of 16 2001 model year patrol vehicles and 3 nonpublished prototypes from Daimler Chrysler for vehicle dynamics; acceleration, top speed, and braking; ergonomics and communications; and fuel economy.

A listing of the test equipment is followed by specifications and photos of each tested vehicle. The report then presents the methodology and data for each testing component. The objective of vehicle dynamics testing was to determine each vehicle's high-speed pursuit or emergency-handling characteristics and performance compared to the other vehicles in the test group. Acceleration and top-speed testing determined the ability of each vehicle to accelerate from a standing start to 60 mph, 80 mph, and 100 mph, as well as the distance to reach 110 mph and 120 mph. Brake testing determined the deceleration rate attained by each vehicle on 12 60 to 0 mph impending skid (threshold) stops, with ABS (antilock braking system) in operation (if so equipped). Each vehicle was scored on the average deceleration rate it attained. The ergonomics and communications evaluation rated each vehicle's ability to provide a suitable environment for the patrol officer in the performance of his/her assigned tasks, as well as to accommodate the required communications and emergency warning equipment; the relative difficulty of installing such equipment was also assessed. Fuel economy was determined separately for city, highway, and combined driving. Extensive tables, charts, and graphs, and appended performance comparisons for 2000 and 2001 test vehicles and test data on special-service vehicles

Date Published: February 1, 2001