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Long-Range 3D Face Collection - Phase II, Final Report

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December 2013
24 pages

This is a report on data collection related to the testing and evaluation (T&E) of a prototype binocular-based stereoscopic facial-image-acquisition system developed by StereoVision Imaging, Inc (SVI) with funding from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).


In addition to describing the data collection, the data collected are summarized, along with participant demographics and operator feedback from seven members of the staff at West Virginia University (WVU), where the T&E was conducted. The data collected by the prototype binocular-based stereoscopic facial-image-acquisition system was compared with the facial-image data captured with similar commercial off-the-shelf facial-imaging hardware. In addition, human factors information was collected from operators who conducted the data collection, so as to assess the operability of the prototype device. The original target number of participants for the collection was 100,based on initial evaluation of SVI image quality and hardware performance. Data collection was done between July 19 and November 25, 2013. 11 figures

Date Published: December 1, 2013