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Law Enforcement Family Support Initiative Project

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88 pages
This report describes the Collier County, FL, Law Enforcement Family Support Initiative Project and Florida's Critical Incident Stress Management Team.
The report includes a description of the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team of Florida, including what constitutes a critical incident, critical incident stress, and critical incident stress symptoms. The goal of the Collier County CISM Team is to accelerate recovery for people having normal and necessary reactions to abnormal events and to provide information and educational presentations about critical incident stress. The report describes typical reactions to critical incident stress, benefits of critical incident stress debriefings, critical incident stress services, and offers suggestions on how to cope with stress. It also includes a statement of policy regarding when a critical incident stress debriefing is required for members of the sheriff's office and a booklet of important personal data (bank accounts, insurance policies, will, etc.) which would be needed by friends and family should an individual die or be incapacitated. The Collier County CISM Team is not formally associated with or wholly dependent upon any governmental or private affiliation. Figures

Date Published: January 1, 1999