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Law Enforcement Aviation Unit Emergency Response Plan

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Techbeat Dated: July/August 2017 Pages: 6-7
Date Published
August 2017
2 pages
After discussing the importance of a law enforcement agency's having an aviation emergency response plan (ERP), this article outlines a checklist for what should be addressed in an ERP.

Because of the specialized functions and features of a law enforcement aviation unit, the Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) emphasizes the importance of an agency having an ERP. It can provide guidance to agency personnel with no aviation background who are responding to a law enforcement aircraft in distress or any other type of aviation disaster. The ALEA has compiled a checklist of 11 items that should be addressed in an aviation ERP. They are as follows: 1) have simple, clear "triggers" that activate the initiation of the ERP; 2) indicate the means of locating aircraft; 3) specify investigation responsibilities; 4) provide instructions for searching for missing aircraft; 5) provide instructions for securing an aircraft accident scene; 6) have a complete list of persons to contact; 7) provide family contact information; 8) have an aircraft recovery plan; 9) have media instructions; 10) include a post-incident plan; and 11) include a checklist for each person with responsibilities under the ERP.

Date Published: August 1, 2017