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Latent Fingerprint Interoperability Survey: A National Study of Automated Fingerprint Information Systems (AFIS) Maintained by Law Enforcement Agencies - Summary Reporting of Data Provided by Responding Agencies

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 2014
195 pages
This national survey of State and local law enforcement agencies with automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) solicited information on the interoperability of these systems, i.e., the ability of fingerprint databases in different jurisdictions to share data with each other.
This summary report states that its purpose is not to provide any particular findings or recommendations related to fingerprint database interoperability, but rather "to accelerate the availability of the survey results and data to the forensics community." The results are presented by survey section. Sections 1 through 10 of the core questionnaire are presented first, followed by the State Addendum and Local Addendum. Each question of the 272-item questionnaire is listed in order, along with the response rate and aggregate results. The response rate varies from question to question. The maximum State response rate for any question is 49. The maximum response rate for local agencies is 86. The report also describes the content and process of developing and fielding the data collection instrument. It is anticipated that the data set associated with this Latent Fingerprint Interoperability Survey (LFIOS) will be made publicly available on the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data in 2015.

Date Published: August 1, 2014